Dragon King Temple

    Dragon King Temple is located in Zaohe, an ancient town 20 kilometers northwest of Suqian City, Jiangsu Province. It was built in the reign of Shunzhi in Qing Dynasty and rebuilt in 1684. The building group is a sacrificial building built by the emperors of Qing Dynasty to pray for the Dragon King to "calm the waves and eliminate the flood", so it is named "the Dragon King Temple of Anlan". Because Emperor Qianlong visited Jiangnan six times and stayed here five times, it is also called "Qianlong Palace". Experts from the provincial cultural relics department have repeatedly inspected and demonstrated the palace of the Dragon King temple. They believe that the palace of the Dragon King Temple is one of the northern architectural complexes of Qing Dynasty with high specification, large scale, relatively intact and high value among the numerous Qianlong palaces in China. In 2001, the State Council announced it as a national key cultural relics protection unit. From 2012 to 2013, more than 70 million yuan was invested to build the Qianlong Jiangnan Grand View Garden, renovate the surrounding environment, and re arrange the internal exhibition, so as to better protect the main body of Longwang temple palace, enrich the tour content, deepen the historical and cultural connotation, expand the rest space, and improve the overall landscape quality. In June 2014, with the successful application of the Grand Canal for world heritage, Longwangmiao palace became the only world cultural heritage on the Grand Canal in Suqian. In January 2015, it was rated as a national 4A scenic spot.


    Dragon King Temple scenic spot is a historical scenic spot with cultural relics and cultural landscape as the main carrier

    一、Visit the Royal complex

    The royal building complex is the main feature of the palace of the Dragon King Temple and the embodiment of the core of history and culture. From the south to the north, the whole building has ancient theater, Heqing, Haiyan archway, Mountain Gate, yubeiting, Zhonggulou, Yidian, dongxipeidian, Longwang Dian, dongxigunlong Dian, Lingguan Dian, dongxigong, Dayu Wang Dian, dongxiyu Yu Garden, etc. There are statues of water god, cultural relics and historical relics in these buildings, which are rich in connotation and obvious in visual effect.

    二、Watch local opera of ancient costume

    The southernmost end of the central axis of the palace complex of Longwang temple is the ancient theater. When Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty stayed here in Jiangnan on the sixth day, he enjoyed the local drama of Zaohe, Liuqin opera. After the completion and opening up of the scenic spot, in order to carry forward the national culture and increase the activities of the scenic spot, the Liuqin troupe of the Dragon King temple was specially set up to perform the historical plays of ancient costumes on the "ancient stage of the palace" every day, playing classical music and folk tunes, which further increased the attraction of the scenic spot and was deeply loved by the majority of tourists.

    三、Hold traditional Dragon King Temple Fair

    There is a traditional temple fair program in the palace of Dragon King Temple -- "Dragon King temple fair at the beginning of the first month". With a history of more than 300 years, the temple fair is an important activity of offering sacrifices to water god in Suqian area. The temple fair lasts for three days. The eighth day of the first month is the "fireworks day", the ninth day is the "Memorial Day", and the tenth day is the "mountain day". At that time, merchants, literary and artistic groups, folk artists and believers from Shandong, Henan, Anhui and other provinces around the Longwang temple will gather in Zaohe. With a large number of people and a large scale, it ranks first among the 36 temple fairs in East China. Longwang temple fair is an important part of the activities of Longwang temple palace scenic spot.

    四、Display of folk sacrificial activities

    The palace of the Dragon King temple was the place where Emperor Qianlong stayed five times in the Qing Dynasty. Every time the emperor arrived, a grand welcoming activity was held in the temple. After the opening of the scenic spot, a "Royal Guard of honor performance team" was set up to perform the "welcome ceremony" regularly, which not only enriches the cultural connotation of the scenic spot, but also protects and inherits the historical culture.


    No.10 Tongsheng street, Zaohe Town, Hubin New District, Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

    4、Self driving information

    GPS Search:宿迁龙王庙行宫、宿迁乾隆行宫


    Parking: there are 2 ground parking lots in the scenic area, with a total of 220 parking spaces
    Public toilets: there are 3 public toilets in the scenic area
    Accommodation: COFCO Hotel, etc
    Catering: Happy restaurant, COFCO restaurant, etc
    Panoramic view of Longwang Temple
    Gate of the Dragon King Temple
    Imperial stele Pavilion in the palace of the Dragon King Temple
    A corner of the East Garden of the Grand View Garden in lower Jiangnan
    Promotion seal for a night in xiajiangnan Grand View Garden
    West Garden of Grand View Garden
    Lower Jiangnan Grand View Garden

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