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    Wine giving activities at the parade Palace during the Dragon Boat Festival

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    In order to give back to the tourists, we carried out the activity of "parading palace giving wine" during the Dragon Boat Festival

    1、 Preferential form

    1 tickets for the scenic spots (adult full price tickets) are also paid attention to the official account number of the scenic area and the circle of friends can receive 1 bottles of the Yanghe River Daqu small bottle commemorative wine (125ml).

    2、 Preferential target

    Tourists who buy individual tickets (including tickets for Longwang temple and Zaohe ancient town) at the ticket window. Groups holding Suqian tourism annual card, group tourists, free scenic spots, half price and other preferential groups will not participate in the preferential activities.

    3、 Discount time

    Dragon Boat Festival (June 25, 2020 to June 27, 2020). The daily limit is 100 bottles in the morning and afternoon.

    4、 Place to receive award

    Longwang temple palace scenic spot sightseeing car office.

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