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    Luoma Lake red heart salted duck egg

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    Product Description: Luoma Lake in Suqian has a surface area of 600000-700000 mu, which is one of the four great lakes in Jiangsu Province. It has the reputation of "small Taihu Lake in Northern Jiangsu". It has excellent water quality, beautiful scenery, abundant natural resources, rich dissolved oxygen and high silicon nitrogen content. Its water can be directly drunk, and its water resources are very rich. Many islands in the lake provide unique geographical environment and breeding space for fishermen, They feed on natural aquatic plants, snails, small fish, small shrimps, large eggs, large yellow, rich oil, nourishing yin and invigorating yang. The company uses traditional technology combined with modern technology to pickle fresh eggs into "salted duck eggs", which are vacuum packaged and refined by high temperature sterilization. It has fine protein, yellow egg oil sand, moderate saltiness, delicious, ready to eat, and is an ideal convenient food.

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