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    Longwangmiao palace area reopened

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    Dear tourists

    Longwangmiao palace scenic area will be open to the public from March 26, 2020, and will be officially reopened from March 30, 2020. The details are as follows:

    1、 Opening hours:

    9:00-17:00 every morning.

    2、 Open area:

    1. Longwang temple palace, Chenjia courtyard, Heshan hall, God of wealth temple.

    2. Due to the need of epidemic prevention, Yuwang hall, bell and Drum Tower and other closed places in Longwang temple are easy to cause crowded places temporarily closed to the public.

    3、 Precautions

    1. Please cooperate with the staff of the scenic spot to register the real name information and show their valid certificates (personal ID card or other valid certificates) to accept the inspection and registration consciously; At the same time, the body temperature should be measured, and those who pass the temperature test and have no obvious respiratory symptoms can enter.

    2. Visitors to the scenic area should wear masks and keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters to avoid gathering.

    3. Due to the construction of towns around the scenic spot, the electric sightseeing bus can not pass, so the sightseeing bus service is not provided for the time being.

    4. During the epidemic prevention and control period, the number of people entering the park should not exceed 20, and the number of people in the park should not exceed 200. If the number exceeds 20, the scenic area will take control measures.

    5. In case of physical discomfort and other abnormal conditions, please inform the staff immediately.

    6. As the epidemic situation has not been completely relieved, our scenic area will fully implement the prevention and control measures. We hope that the public and tourists can comply with the requirements of the announcement and ensure the safety and order of opening up during the epidemic prevention and control period. We also hope that the public and tourists can understand and support it.

    7. Tel: 0527-84511180; 80701309。

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