Chenjia dayuan

    Chenjiayuan is located in Zaohe, a millennium old town in Suqian section of Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. The building complex was built in Jiaqing period of Qing Dynasty and is the largest ancient residence of Qing Dynasty in Suqian. In 2004, Suqian Municipal People's government announced it as a municipal cultural relics protection unit.

    Chen's courtyard covers a total area of about 6 mu. It is a Northern Corridor type building structure with 66 houses and a construction area of about 1500 square meters. It used to be the private residence of Mr. Ma in Luoma Lake, Suqian. Later, it was sold to Chen Yongmao, a businessman in Shandong Province. It lasted until the eve of liberation, so it was called Chen's courtyard. During the Anti Japanese War, Chen's compound became the headquarters of Japanese army in soap. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, the complex became state-owned and became a local grain warehouse. In the 1950s, it became Zaohe ship station, miscellaneous goods station, knitting factory and welfare factory. In the 1980s, some houses in Chen's compound were sold to individuals. In 2011, Chen's courtyard was listed as a key cultural relic rescue and protection project along the Grand Canal in Jiangsu Province. The government allocated special funds for renovation, basically restoring the original historical appearance of Chen's courtyard. In 2013, Hubin New Town Management Committee strengthened the protection and utilization of historical relics, and reappeared such historical scenes as reception hall, master's room, young master's room, lady's room, dining hall, Academy, accounting room, ancestral hall, Buddha's hall, granary, turret, etc. It was officially opened to the outside world in May 2013.

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